Fundamentals of Fluorescence Imaging

Book Cover Fundamentals of Fluorescence Imaging edited by Guy Cox
Published April 2019 by Jenny Stanford Publishing (an associate of Taylor and Francis). 455pp; ISBN: 978-981-4774-85-7

Fluorescence imaging, at macro, micro and sub-micro scales, has revolutionized biological science in the past 30 years. Immuno-labelling has provided precise targeting of molecules in fixed tissue, while fluorescent proteins have enabled localization in living tissues. Fluorescent indicators enable imaging of dynamic changes in cell metabolism.

This book covers, for the first time, imaging at all scales from macro to sub-micro (super-resolution). Authors include Robert Clegg, legendary teacher and researcher (who sadly died during the editorial process), Jim Pawley, editor of several editions of the Confocal Handbook, the famous and now dispersed New Zealand team of Mark Cannell, Christian Soeller and David Baddeley, Robert Hoffman, pioneer of whole-animal imaging in cancer research, Andreas Schoenle and Christian Eggeling on STED nanoscopy, and many more famous participants in this field. All the contributors are at the cutting edge of their fields.

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