Teresa's 50th Birthday

Teresa's 50th took place at our farm in St Albans, with somewhat dubious weather which didn't do too much to dampen spirits, though it did cause some problems for the Southern Cross Bush Band, who provided the entertainment. All photographs are by Anne Simpson.

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The party gets underway Gazebos seemed like a good idea (but the wind had other ideas). Guy talking to Terry Prince (Mr Vincent) and our neighbour Dianne Chambers.
The band tried the balcony to escape from the weather - but then came down to ground level - and got everyone dancing.
Dyras Thompson - then aged 93 - was one of the first to dance. Mary-Lou was reduced to cooking on the floor! But the result was amazing.
Bill (in Hawaiian mode) and Robert. The birthday girl Prida finally gets away from the cooking.
Guy looking pretty relaxed. Candles in the wind give Tip and Christina some problems .. .. and blowing them out needs serious concentration.

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