Art from our collection

A third and very varied selection from our collection, posted January 2021.

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Salvador Dali, Burning Giraffe
Lithograph, Les Vitraux series, 190/250
Geoff Dyer 1947 - 2020, Leckie Gorge
oil and watercolour on paper.
John Olsen, b. 1928 Brett Whitely, 1982.
Pastel on paper
Wukun Wanambi, b.1962 Gapu IV &
Marrakulu II. Earth pigments on bark.
George Frost, 1745–1821.Suffolk Farm,
c1790 Watercolour on paper
Diego Ramirez, b.1989. My Ramirez 1, 2015
Duratran on lightbox
Sidney Nolan, 1917-1992. Cave (Silk Road
Series) Spray enamel and oil on canvas
Lin Onus, 1948-1996 Muguwirrawarra
(Dragonflies) Acrylic on board
Donald Friend, 1915-1989. Death and the
maiden, mixed media on brown paper (!)
Elizabeth McAlpine, 1945-2004.
Port Jackson Fig, pencil on paper.
Tyza Stewart, b.1990 Transportrait, 2013
Diptych, oil on panel.
Emily Kame Kngwarrwye, c.1910-1996.
Wildflowers, 1994, Acrylic on linen.

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