The Farmhouse takes shape

At last, in September 2006, things started to happen! We'd chosen our design almost a year previously, but planning permission took a while and both bushfire and environmental issues had to be dealt with.

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Ground zero - trenches and reinforcement for the footings (6th September). The concrete has been poured, and the bricklayers start work (19th September). Bricklaying finished - the perimeter walls (22nd September).
Next come the pillars, bearers and joists for the floor (5th October) And the floor itself (15th October). And, in one day, the wall frames go up in rough assembly (20th October).
The hole for the sewerage treatment got an unintended visit from the builder's dog. But now the Biolytix system is installed - no more heffalump trap! (28th October) The roof trusses are up, everything is bolted together and the verandah is under way (November 10th).
Half a roof is better than none! The view from what will be the living-room window December 8th, and the cladding is nearly done
Finally, the New Year sees us at lockup stage Next thing we need an even bigger hole ... ... for our underground 105,000 litre water tank

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