Firenze (Florence) Italy

Part of our 2015 culture, art and history visit to Italy

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The legendary Ponte Vecchio, from downstream.. Market in the Piazza - Florence seems to be always bustling Adi di Samri - old fortified building, now a museum.
The Duomo - Brunelleschi's famous Cathedral. The west frontage of the Cathedral.Our base - an apartment in this historic building.
(Inset - the plaque on the wall).

The Accademia
The Accademia's most famous in habitant -
Michelangelo's David
Another view of David - luckily he's raised high
so you can see over the crowds.
Acontius by Ulisse Cambi (1835).
Acontius is writing a message on the apple
he will throw to Cydippe.

Uffizi Palace
What a ceiling! Titian's legendary Venus d'Urbino, which so outraged Mark Twain. "I touch myself ..." Piero della Francesca, the Duke and Duchess of Urbino, 1472-1475
Michelangelo, the Holy Family with the infant St. John, known as the "Doni Tondo", 1507 Leonardo da Vinci, The Annunciation, c1472 Botticelli, Madonna and Child with 6 Angels, 1487 - "The Madonna of the Pomegranite"
Lapith fighting with a centaur (and Teresa photographing another statue) Hermaphroditus, Roman, 1st century BC, Hermaphroditus from the other side.

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