Centenary of the Silver Ghost

Open day at P&A Wood, May 6th 2007

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My brother Tony (far right) admires the Phantom convertible prototype.
Part of the amazing car-park line-up of Silver Ghosts.
Looking along the line in the other direction.
This early post-war 40-50 has an interesting mascot ...
... the Flying Lady completely bereft of drapery.
The Sluggard - very speedy 1911 London-Edinburgh model.
A WWII Lancaster bomber flies over the P&A Wood workshops
A privately-owned Merlin engine, which was run during the afternoon
A 1918 Le Rhone engine which was also started (but sadly after we left)
A Locomobile steamer makes its exit from the parade. Braking arrangements seem alarmingly minimal.
An electric town car parades in perfect silence
Laurel and Hardy waiting to commit mayhem!
The 2-cylinder 10HP car owned by Bentley Motors
A 4-cylinder 'Light 20' similar to the TT-winning car
The London-Edinburgh 40-50HP 'Silver Ghost' (restored by P&A Wood in 1990)

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