Hawaii (Oahu) USA

We had a big Aussie contingent at the US Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting, since they were willing to come half-way to us!

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Waikiki Beach, where we all stayed, with Diamond Head in the background. The surf was disappointing. (photo Simon Ringer) The AMMS stand in the conference exhibition. (photo Ross Marceau) Hawaiian rainbows are legendary. One obligingly appeared at the conference opening reception. Simon Ringer, Ruth Fletcher, Guy Cox. (photo Ellie Kable)
Panorama of Diamond Head crater from the rim. The rim is quite a spectacular walk.
Rabbit Island, and some real surf, at the north-east end of the island. Hawaiian turtles like to come ashore and bask in the sun. Goat Island, on the north coast - it was an easy swim out to the island.
The headland at the eastern tip of Oahu Popular waterfall in the Audubon nature reserve. An ornamental red ginger in the Audubon reserve.

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