Optical Imaging Techniques
in Cell Biology

Book Cover Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology, 2nd Edition by Guy Cox, with contributions by Eleanor Kable, Nuno Moreno and Teresa Dibbayawan
Published June 2012 by CRC Press. 316pp; ISBN: 978-1-43-984825-8

Using a highly accessible style and format, this book:
Provides an understanding of the underlying principles, benefits, and limitations of optical techniques currently used in cell biology
Presents a cogent, sophisticated discussion without relying on complex mathematics
Addresses basic concepts in imaging such as contrasting techniques, fluorescence, and the correction of aberrations
Explores advanced techniques such as quantitative fluorescence, three-dimensional imaging, nonlinear microscopy, and stimulated emission depletion
Includes multiple appendices on practical maintenance, cell handling, labeling, and image manipulation

The second edition includes new chapters on super-resolution techniques, and is printed in colour throughought.

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