The Glen - St Albans

This is the farm property we own at St. Albans, north of Sydney, 20km beyond the Hawkesbury on the way to the Hunter Valley. It is the oldest land grant in the area, dating back to 1823.

Our property is 50 acres, about half of it good pasture and the rest wild bushland. The Yengo National Park borders it on two sides, and in front is a lake with black swans, ducks and herons.

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A panoramic view of the property. The hill on the centre is all ours, and the best paddocks lie on the right, going round behind the hill. This is the short dimension of the land - it goes back to near the top of the hills behind.

The dams and the paddocks beyond. The dams are reliable even in drought. Officially the boundary goes through the middle of both, but the fence is adjusted to give one to us and one to our neighbours. This shows the far corner of the property which didn't quite get in the other panorama.


Two views looking up the valley. The house is completely hidden, at the very top of the back paddock. Rainbow picture by Dianne Chambers


Major floods on New Years Day 2007. The creeks become raging torrents and the front paddock is completely under water.


The new farmhouse in February 2008, now it has been raised following the big flood of June 2007. Looking back down the valley from the house.


Following the creek up into the wilder parts of the property. A few big gums escaped the 19-century loggers


On the front of the small hill is where we plan to plant our vineyard. It has great views over the lake.


Looking down on the lake from the crags above. It is a spectacularly narrow ridge with only one way down.


Very dry weather in May '06, and the lake has split in two. Taken from the ridge to the south, near this patterned sandstone cave.


Our first calves, born December 2006.