Web Page Design / Installation

These days every business, large or small, needs a presence on the Internet. And even your private page will improve the image you project if it is professionally set-up.

Guy Cox Software offers full, HTML 4.0 compliant web pages at costs lower than any major internet design company. Whether you are looking for a site for your business, a stamp collecting club or a page about your pet salamander, Guy Cox Software will provide it and maintain it for you at very affordable prices. We can also provide a web server to host it if you don't already have one.

All you need to do is supply us with raw text and any graphics or photos you want, we'll do the rest.

For detailed information, or special requests, send an email to software@guycox.com.

The world of the Web is full of jargon - JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CGI-Script, Flash and so on. You don't need to know, or worry, about these things, but we do! Used properly they can add that zip and zing to your page. Used carelessly they can make your page take forever to load, or even refuse to load with any but the latest browser on the most powerful computer.

We take care to make your page people-friendly, and to work even on low-powered systems (your customers and friends may not all be tech-heads.) But we are also keen to give your pages that extra sparkle.

For examples of some pages which we designed and maintain, check out

Claude Cox Old and Rare Books with new catalogues added 6 times a year.

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